Forecast AI promo

Only reality is more precise than our forecast...


AI-powered forecasting of promo sales

Based on machine learning algorithms and big data analysis, our Forecasting SaaS solution provides retailers and producers with automated data cleansing and calculating volume ranges of optimal size promo ensuring sales boost through planning, buying, and execution stages.

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Automated store promo demand
Effective promo strategy modeling
Best mechanics & discount selection
Reducing out stock and overstock
Inventory & packaging logistics planning
Granular levels of promo sales forecasts

OUR tailored solution

Proprietary AI solution

Get full control over your promo sales via web UI with a library of promo rules and custom workflows

Full-Cycle Promo Planning

Forecasting correlated automatically upon discount depth, type, and mechanics of the promo, sales deviation, cannibalization, weather, and day of the week

Supply chain planning

Effective Pre - Post-analytics such as the matching consumer trends with products, logistics, and supply chain affecting promo goods order

Customizable interface

A user-friendly interface with a simulation of promo price discounts, and sales volumes scenarios based on the variability of demand


Visual analytics, parametric signals, and the customers’ behavior insights assist to optimize promo sales at the store level daily

Tailored onboarding

Cutting-edge ML algorithm continuously learning the demand volatility, cannibalization, and external factors to harmonize demand across all promo channels


Average metrics

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Road map

Implementation roadmap



2 months
  • Uploading sales historical data via sFTP, in the format of csv files
  • Validation of test data quality
  • Evaluating the forecast accuracy and effectiveness of the service
  • Customer confirmation of successful PoC results and contract signing


3 months
  • Integration to the client's ERP
  • Analysis of current AS-IS promo processes
  • Clients configuration of promo policies and rules
  • Deployment of service on 1st shops tier


1 month
  • Customizing the web interface for the client
  • Client's team training of promo modeling
  • Best practices consulting of promo strategy
  • Deployment of service on 1st and 2nd tiers


1 year
  • FAIP scale-up to all tiers of shops
  • Deployment of additional services
  • Maintenance and support

Still don't know?

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